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Todd Gunter has been restoring fine art for the last 65 years and through our traditional methods passed down from generation to generation, we have become experts in art restoration and conservation.

Over the years Todd Gunter, has restored many valuable paintings such as great masters like John Constable, Thomas Gainsborough, George Stubbs and Sir Munnings as well as restoring works for the British Royal Family, the Rothschilds Family, the Tate Gallery, Bonhams, Blenheim Palace and the Paul Getty collection.

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    Featured Projects


    “Alison has cleaned and restored a number of paintings at my request, both privately and in my capacity as a member of the Rothschild Archive team. Her ability to restore a damaged picture to its full glory, is so skilful. Her awareness of colour and original style means that the restoration is not noticeable in itself, but that the picture as a whole has returned to the freshness of when it was first finished. Some of her work for the Rothschild Archive has been warmly praised by Sothebys. I have no hesitation in recommending her skilful, knowledgeable and meticulous work, to anyone.”
    – Fiona McGarel Groves, Rothschilds archives

    “I must thank you for your advice and repair of my picture. Removing the old varnish has brought it back to life, to be preserved for and enjoyed by another generation. The quality of your work is superb. Many thanks, Henry”
    –Dr Henry Sanford, Decendant of Aivazovski Russian painter

    “Alison is one of those rare people who not only have a great love of art, and an obvious talent, but a sympathetic attitude towards people, like me, who find themselves with an assortment of paintings in need of help in restoring them when, in my case, they had suffered years of secondhand smoking damage.”
    – Anne Noakes, Private client

    “Thank you so very much for the truly remarkable repair work which you did on my ‘old’ much loved Oil Painting. I have had so much pleasure and enjoyment looking at it during the past few days. Once again thank you for all the hard work you did. Also thank you for bringing it home!”
    – Mary Bradfield, Private client