Peter Monamy Painting Restoration

1. When we were first called upon to go and inspect this painting we were shocked to find it in a terrible state. It was fixed into the wall due to a leaky roof there was a lot of water damage to the painting.
2. After getting it off the wall we noticed that the back of the painting was in poor condition.
3. Here you can see a close up of how poor a condition it was in.
4. The painting had been temporarily fixed. It had huge areas to the sky that had a thick white filler applied and then a thick coat of black paint had been put on top to try and stop any paint loss.
5. Once back at the studio we examined the Painting and made a few tests.
6. we took it off its stretcher bars so that the painting could lie flat. We carefully removed all the black paint and all the white filler. Then we had to replace the old patches on the back and start the cleaning and restoration process.
7. The painting looked amazing once finished showing the true colours that the artist intended.
8. Project complete and in a new frame.